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  My name is Yaroslav Poverlo

  I am an experienced Russian and Ukrainian Dialect-Dialogue Coach for Film, TV and Commercial productions. I was born in the USSR, Ukraine. During the past twenty years I have been blessed to work with many of the world’s well-known stars in the film industry on a number of productions in Canada and the USA. I have a diverse background that ranges from working as an actor, a Russian and Ukrainian Dialect-Dialogue Coach and as a Consultant of Russian, Ukrainian and former USSR cultures and traditions.                                                                                      

  A Dialect Coach can ease the struggle for actors to deliver their lines in an unknown foreign language while maintaining character. I have developed a systematized linguistic and vocal tools that are adaptable to cater to any desired local or regional dialect. The techniques and methods that I use for Coaching Dialogue, Dialect, and Accent have proven to be successful with actors from a variety of multicultural language backgrounds.  

  My coaching techniques are unique since they include the consolidation of special exercises for vocal, intonation, phonetic, tongue muscles, diaphragm breathing and more. I'm dedicated to making my approach straightforward to learn, memorize and understand. Specifically, my individually catered pronunciation and phonetic aids allow actors to smoothly deliver authentic lines, speeches and dialogue on set. My coaching is supplemented by my native knowledge of the Ukrainian and Russian languages as well as my exposure to diverse Ukrainian and Russian regions throughout my college studies, where I became greatly familiar with the complexities of stylistics dialects and localized accents.

  All my knowledge of coaching and acting helps directors, actors to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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 Check out my film credits as a Dialect Coach at:                                                                                                                                        

Check out my film credits as a Dialect Coach at:
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