Resume for dialect coach


Yaroslav Poverlo - Russian and Ukrainian Dialect-Dialogue Coach


cell: 604-562-5369; skype: yaro.power

Russian and Ukrainian Dialect-Dialogue Coach:

• Fluent in Russian and Ukrainian; Speak Polish;

• Knowledge of stylistics dialects and localized accents;

• Knowledge of linguistic technique that easy to learn, memorize and understand     (pronunciation,    

   phonetic, intonation, warm-ups and exercises for muscles and tongue)

• Assisting to perform authentically in Russian or Ukrainian languages or English with  Russian or 

   Ukrainian accent/dialect;

• Knowledge of traditions and cultures of Russia, Ukraine and former USSR countries;

• Translating from English to Russian and Ukrainian or from Russian and Ukrainian to English;

• Acting experience;  

Work experience:

"Away" ep.109                                                 Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

"Away" ep.105                                                  Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

"Away" ep.102                                                 Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

"Away" ep.101                                                  Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

"Legends of Tomorrow" ep.502             Russian Dialect Coach for Michael Eklund 

“Arrow” ep.705                                              Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

“Welcome to Marwen”                              Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

“Six” ep.203                                                     Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach  

“Six” ep.205                                                     Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach​

“Six” ep.206                                                     Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach 

“Six” ep.207                                                     Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

“Six” ep.208                                                     Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

“Six” ep.209                                                     Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

“Six” ep.210                                                      Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

“Altered Carbone” ep.106                         Russian Dialect Coach

“Altered Carbone” ep.105                          Russian Dialect Coach

“Altered Carbone” ep.104                         Russian Dialect Coach

“Rogue” ep.402                                              Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;   

“Shooter” ep.101                                             Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;   

“Intruders” ep.106                                         Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Intruders” ep.101                                          Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Agent X” ep.101                                             Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“High Moon”                                                   Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Red Widow” ep.108                                    Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Red Widow” ep.107                                    Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;​

“Red Widow” ep.106                                    Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Red Widow” ep.105                                    Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Red Widow” ep.104                                    Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Red Widow” ep.103                                    Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Red Widow” ep.102                                    Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Red Widow” ep.101                                     Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;​

“Underworld: Awakening”                       Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Chaos” ep.109                                                Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Chaos” ep.104                                                Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“Chaos” ep.106                                                Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach; Translator;

“2012”                                                                  Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach

“Stargate SG-1” ep.814                                 Russian Dialect-Dialogue Coach;

“Act of Imagination”                                    Ukrainian Dialogue Coach; Translator;

Privet Dialect-Dialogue-Accent coaching.

Cultural consultant:

“High Moon”                                                    Consultant for Russian culture and tradition​  

“Red Widow” ep.108                                     Consultant for Russian culture and tradition

“Red Widow” ep.107                                     Consultant for Russian culture and tradition   

“Chaos” ep.104                                                 Consultant for Russian culture and Tradition

“Chaos” ep.106                                                 Consultant for Russian culture and tradition

“Act of Imagination”                                     Consultant for Ukrainian culture and tradition

Consulting about Russian, Ukrainian and former USSR culture and tradition

all type of productions.

Acting on Film and Television:

“Always Be My Maybe”                                     Actor/Uber Passenger

“Salvation” ep.209                                               Guest Actor/Andrey Vasilyev

“Climax SK”    ​                                                        Actor/FSB Information Officer

“Arrow” ep.512   ​                                                    Actor/Russian Drug Buer

“Shooter” ep.101                                                    Guest Actor/President of Ukraine

“Lucifer” ep.107                                                    Actor/Nikolas Aoudi

“Age of Adeline”                                                   Actor/Photographer​        

“Agent X”                                                                 Guest Star/Anton Markov

“Sitting on the Edge Marelen”                       Guest Star/Georg STAR/GEORG

“Red Widow” ep.102                                           Actor/Dr.Yehzov   

“Eve of Destruction”                                           Actor/ Ilya

“Dark Universe”                                                    Actor/Ilya​   

“Seventh Son”​                                                         Actor/ Head Counselor​   

“The Killing” ep.206                                            Actor/Andrey Dubroflonsky

“Chaos” ep.106                                                       Guest Star/Viktor Garshov     

“Fringe” ep.206​                                                      Guest Star/Alex Koslov     

“Sanctuary” ep.101                                                Actor/Jagna’s Husband     

“The Dutter Draws”                                            Guest Star/Trinidat     

“Conspirancy” Pilot                                             Guest Star/Mr.Azovka       

“Battle in Seattle”                                                  Actor/Mr.Lovitz           

“Scary Movie 4”                                                     Actor/Belgian UN Deputy   

“Touching Evil” ep.108                                      Actor/Orphanage Broker  

“Miracle”                                                                  Actor/Assistant Russian Coach      

“Traffic”                                                                    Actor/Morgue Man  

“I Spy”                                                                        Actor/Hungarian Cop    

Acting on Commercials:

“Subaru Impreza-Joy Ride”                             Actor/German Engineer

“Comcast-Eagles of Death Metal”               Actor/Russian Embassy Translator  

“Amstel Light Beer-Hockey”                          Actor/Hockey Coach

“Canadian Cancer Society”                             Actor/Russian Comedian   

“Goodyear Tire-Family Vacation”               Actor/Russian Dad



Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, 

Kyiv, USSR, Ukraine 1987-1993 

College of Music and Arts, 

Drogobych, USSR, Ukraine 1978-1982

Special Skills:

Languages: Fluent Russian, Ukrainian; speak Polish;

Four years served as a soldier and musician in USSR army;

Percussion instruments; drums; violin; piano; singing tenor-baritone;

Conducting of any type of orchestras;  

References available upon request